• Kenneth Cowan posted an update 4 months ago

    bv treatment

    We sell our brand FloraFemme on Amazon. It is a feminine hygiene brand, and our two products are: FloraFemme Vaginal Probiotic Suppository, as well as FloraFemme Ultimate Daily Oral Probiotic. I am not tech savvy, so will send you our store URL later when I can get help from one of my kids to find that! Btw, do you need our store URL (which leads to both our products) or just one product URL? Also, I sent an email about you researching our keywords, but was wondering what tools you use for that. I have Helium 10 but don’t ever use it as it’s too complicated, but I can get help with their keyword tool generator later today and get back to you on this. Really excited to hopefully see a boost in sales soon!